The concept: Step

You must in a combination of several players get the best score on a fast game in order to get your purchase for free. Unlike gambling what you invest, you get it because the item you are going to buy will simply allow you to participate in a game in order to be reimbursed for the full price.


As a first step:   

  1. The customer makes a purchase.


In a Second time: 

  1. The loading game can Start.  
  2. With each new confirmation, the number of players remaining from the combination (of the lot) is communicated (next to the product).                                                                                 
  3. When the last player confirms, the knowledge of the results table will be done automatically.  


So the Winner recovers the sum of its product bought on his personal account of his last transaction.


The item will be delivered to you as soon as possible, even if the score game fails.


In order for you to know your result as quickly as possible, we will offer maximum five products per day, by category.


You can to the extent of the stock disposal, In advance know when your favorite products will be offered and train you for free at the games that will be linked to it. You will also have the possibility to create your avatar and depending on the number of your wins and your cuts you will get by measuring our Opportunities for many gifts or benefits.


The goal is to collect a maximum of points, in order to have the highest score, which will be determined by the participation in a score game. The same person (The winner) will then have the right to a full refund of his purchase.